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Frank Hannig provided personal attention to his Clients which was centered around providing excellent service on a long-term relationship basis.

Hannig Family Legal History

The late 1940s saw what is now the northern end of Silicon Valley grow from farmland to new subdivisions, public roads, and start-up businesses. Frank Hannig developed a reputation as a hard working, honest attorney, serving the needs of a rapidly developing county with a keen legal and business mind. He also lent his efforts and support to many worthwhile community projects and organizations, many of which serve hundreds in the community today, due in large part to his efforts.


Frank Hannig was the attorney for some of the founders of today's electronics industry. For instance, Frank was the corporate and personal attorney for Charles Litton; founder of Litton Industries.

As Frank developed his legal practice, his work and reputation brought him into contact with the founders of many companies, including companies such as Hewlett Packard and Ampex. Yet, despite his increased reputation and clientele, Frank remained dedicated to the thorough service for all his clients, in all their needs, from real estate, to business, to estate planning - regardless of their station in life.

Frank provided personal attention to his Clients which was centered around providing excellent service on a long-term relationship basis.

Respected by his peers, Frank Hannig served as President of the local San Mateo County Bar Association and was recipient of the Outstanding Citizen award.

Frank Hannig also served as Foreman of the Grand Jury by appointment of the Judges of San Mateo County. His wife Theresa, a former school teacher, was well known in the legal community for promoting legal education to local youth and for many years gave students tours of our local courts and introduced them to the local judiciary.

In 1983, Hannig Law LLP co-founder Ted Hannig joined his father in the practice of law.

Frank and Ted both practiced law at Ropers, Majeski et al, then a firm of over 175 attorneys.

Ted has continued the family tradition of seeking to provide the highest quality, relationship-based, legal services as his father taught him was so valuable.

Ted became one Ropers Majeski's youngest senior partner over the span of 15 years, but decided to focus on bringing "big firm" experience to a more client orientated and personal business law practice. Ted then opened the Silicon Valley office for Miller, Starr & Regalia, a highly respected real estate law firm.


While Ted's real estate practice was robust, he wished to better serve his business clients so he formed Hannig Law Firm LLP with the concept that a local firm of experienced attorneys could better serve and represent their clients. .

The firm remains dedicated to goal of complete client satisfaction through high quality work. The firm prides itself in innovative solutions to complex transactional and litigation challenges.

Perhaps one of the firm's greatest honors is serving clients that have been with the Hannig family for over 50 years.

"Quality, personal and professional service, delivered with integrity, never goes out of style," explains Ted Hannig. 

A relationship-based law firm built on over 70 years of Hannig-family legal services in the Bay Area.

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