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Business and LLC/Corporate - Transactions and Litigation

Hannig Law LLP provides a full range of transactional and business litigation legal services to our clients. Our attorneys provide a broad range of corporate and business legal services to individuals, corporations, and private businesses. In many cases, our firm acts as "general counsel" for these clients for many aspects of their corporate life - from the original establishment and formation of the enterprise through all aspects of their ongoing evolution and operation, and sometimes, their eventual sale to third party buyers.

Our firm commonly prepares organizational and formation documents, minutes of meetings, maintains stock registers and ownership information, issues stock and membership certificates, drafts and reviews contracts, drafts or assists in negotiating leases or other contracts, and provides general business legal advice to maximize the chances of our client's success.

As with other parts of our practice, we advise our business clients in effective methods to avoid expensive and risky litigation so our clients can focus on building their business, rather than spending time in Court. However, if litigation is required or commenced our firm will aggressively protect our clients interest through litigation or reaching efficient resolutions so our clients can return to focusing on their business.

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