Tenant & Landlord Law

Tenant and Landlord Transactions and Litigation

Hannig Law LLP represents both Tenants and landlords in residential and commercial legal matters. Unlike many other law firms who solely represents tenants OR landlords, our experience representing both tenants AND Landlords provides us with insight which allows our firm to anticipate common pitfalls to avoid and assist our clients to efficiently defend their rights and maximize benefits contained in their leases.

Tenant-side - Residential and Commercial Transactions and Litigation

Hannig Law LLP frequently represents residential tenants in the Bay Area to obtain favorable outcomes for violations of the implied warranty of habitability - such as mold infestations and other housing problems, seeking relief for tenant harassment, and violations of various rent and eviction control statues and California law.

Residential tenants have significant "housing rights" in California that many tenants are unaware of. Further, certain jurisdictions, such as San Francisco and Berkeley provide significant expansions of tenant protections above California law.

Commonly, Hannig Law LLP represents commercial tenants to negotiate favorable lease terms so our clients can minimize their risk and focus on growing their business.

Landlord-side - Residential and Commercial Transactions and Litigation

Hannig Law LLP has extensive experience providing legal services to residential and commercial landlords to protect their investment and property rights. Our experience encompasses advising landlord clients on industry best practices to avoid common landlord/tenant disputes,  providing lease drafting and/or negotiation services to maximize investment returns and protect property rights, informally resolving lease disputes prior to commencement of formal legal action, and, if necessary, commencing and defending related lease litigation.

Hannig Law LLP also advises our landlord clients to avoid common pitfalls in order to avoid costly litigation with tenants, so our clients can focus on growing their business.

A relationship-based law firm built on over 70 years of Hannig-family legal services in the Bay Area.

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